This Meteor tutorial will walk you through making a basic web application in Meteor – a simple catalog that lets users login and manage a list of books.

What is Meteor?

Meteor is a full-stack JavaScript framework for web and mobile applications. It has been around since 2011, and has gained a strong reputation among Meteor developers for being an ideal, easy-to-use solution for rapid prototyping. However, lately developers have realized Meteor isn’t just for prototyping anymore: it’s ready to be used for commercial development. With the arsenal of packages that it provides, the solid mongoDB/node.js foundation that it relies on, and the coding flexibility that it offers; Meteor makes it easy to build robust, secure real-time web applications, handling everything from the browser app to the server or database.

Why use Meteor?

 The short answer is, “because Meteor is fun”. It makes developing web applications simple. It is easy to learn, and it lets you focus more on the functionality of your application than the basics of syncing data and serving pages.

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